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Student's Companion: Introduction

Offers links to useful JCLRC/Clarkston sties, frequently asked questions, and local and useful links, as well as interactive forms. Let this site be your friend.


Welcome to the Student's Companion


Old fashioned woman because some ideas just never go out of style

This guide aims to bring you useful information that students need, local information for getting around and learning about the Atlanta metro area, and answers to frequently asked questions.




Regents and Compass Examinations



Regents Test Preparation (Reading and Essay)
ACT Compass to help prepare for the Compass exam.

Library Basics

How to Use the Library offers links to tutorials that will improve your use of the library.
GIL Universal Catalog for borrowing books from other University System of Georgia Libraries.
Interlibrary loan for journal articles and interlibrary loan for books.
Wireless Printing for Students: Using GPC's wireless network.
How to Access GALILEO through iCollegeEnjoy this short Prezi video about getting to GALILEO the easy way at home.
Copier Refunds How to obtain a refund when the copiers malfunction.

Help Writing Research Papers

Ask a Librarian: Call, email, or instant message a librarian.
Cite Your Sources: Handouts and links to help cite sources.
Library Services for GPC Online Services for students taking hybrid or iCollege classes.

Additional Information

Great Web Sites: A great place to look for the best the web has to offer.
Making the Most of Web 2.0. Learn about the social web's academic features.
Learning and Tutoring Center: The learning and tutoring center.
Copyright Best Practices: A Page on copyright for students and faculty.

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