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RSCH 1203 (General Research Guide): Introduction

A guide to help you find useful information for essays and PowerPoints in RSCH1203 (an introductory research methods class). This guide is also useful for Engl1101 students.



Welcome to RSCH 1203. This guide offers handouts, links, and tutorials to make researching and writing your essays, as well as creating your Powerpoints, and other research projects easier.


If you are looking for a topic for your research projects, stop by the Topic Tree.

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The Dunwoody Library

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Library Hours

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Table of Contents

Important URLs

Important Library Links

Here are several important URLs to help with your research.

The Main Library Website.

Clarkston Library Handouts Page.

How to Use the Library.

Library Tutorials.

Frequently Asked Questions (from Clarkston).

How to Prepare an Annotated Bibliography (from Cornell University -- Olin Library)

Contact GPC Librarians