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Library Tutorials

Explore the library and various ways to use the library to enhance your research abilities with video tutorials, printable handouts, and webinars.

Webinar information

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Sign up for a library webinar or watch an archive to improve your research skills!  Find out how to access online library resources, search GALILEO more effectively, and learn about other services the library offers.

Online Library Research Webinars Fall 2015

​*Having trouble signing up?  Student sign up works best in Internet Explorer.  If you're still having trouble, email Mary Ann Cullen to enroll.  

Check the archives for webinars from previous semesters.

To schedule a webinar or inquire about future webinars, email Mary Ann Cullen.


Webinar instructions:  

Before attending the webinar, go to the participant link and run the set up wizard to make sure you can see and hear the webinar.  Also, if you have a microphone, you can test to make sure the microphone is working.

1. Log into Blackboard Collaborate using this participant link:

(Note: the Student Success Series webinars will have a different link; it will be in the Student Success series room:

 2. To hear the speaker, you either need headphones or a speaker for your computer, or you can can dial in via phone.  If you dial in, you still need to log in with a computer in order to see the visual part of the presentation.

Dial-in number(s): Phone - 571-392-7703

Phone PIN: 299 966 224 49 

3. To communicate with the speaker and the rest of the webinar attendees by voice, you can use a microphone on your computer or you can use the phone (see the number above).  Most participants choose to communicate using the chat box in the virtual room; you do not need a microphone or call in if you communicate by using the chat box.

Questions?  email Mary Ann Cullen.

About Blackboard Collaborate

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Image from Blackboard Collaborate Quick Reference Guide

Webinar Archives

Join me for a webinar!

Mary Ann Cullen
Alpharetta Campus/ GPC Online

Webinar Set up tips

Be sure you run the set up wizard before joining the webinar or watching the archive.

If you are having trouble getting Blackboard Collaborate or Wimba to work, try a different browser (e.g. if you are using Internet Explorer, try Firefox or Chrome. And vice versa.)

For additional assistance, contact the library or the Service Desk at 678-891-3460 or 


After you attend a webinar or watch an archive, please answer this poll:

How useful do you think the information you learned in this webinar will be to you?

Very useful: 3 votes (100%)
Somewhat useful: 0 votes (0%)
Not useful: 0 votes (0%)
Not sure: 0 votes (0%)
Total Votes: 3

Tips from Webinars handout

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